WordleQuarant on Twitter

1 minute read

@WordleQuarant is a Twitter account created by Dieter Bohn to do 1 simple thing: Allow people to post their Wordle results to their followers, but only followers who have self selected as interested in Wordle results.

How do they self select? They self select by following @WordleQuarant on Twitter.

How does one make sure only these self selected followers see their Wordle results? Start a new Tweet with the very first characters “@WordleQuarant “, no dots or spaces before the @, the space after coulld be a return or just a space, and then paste the copied Worsle results. Here is a recent example:

Wordle Post example

Why does this work? It goes back to the early days of Twitter. Tweets that start with an @mention, by default, are seen only by the mentioned party and those that follow both the author and the mentioned party. The tweets are public and visible in the author’s list of Tweets and in the mentioned party’s mentions, but others will not see them in their own default timeline unless they follow both accounts. This is why you see so many Tweets that begin with a period followed by an @mention (.@jswright61). This is an early convention whereby someone could direct a Tweet at a specific account and making it default visible to all of the author’s followers as well.